docker-compose new naming scheme

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On 30 October 2018, docker-compose released version 1.23.0 (2018-10-30) with a very notable change that would likely break many scripts out there, including mine:

The default naming scheme for containers created by Compose in this version has changed from <project>_<service>_<index> to <project>_<service>_<index>_<slug> where <slug> is a randomly-generated hexadecimal string.

The “warning” came only about 1 month prior, hidden in 1.23.0-rc1 (2018-09-26) release note. So previously your project_app_1 will now be project_app_1_abc123! Unsurprisingly this caused a lot of breakage and rage.

It was promptly reverted a month later in 1.23.2 (2018-11-28).

There’s a lot of lesson to learn here from the perspectives of both maintainer and user of project, as evident by going through the comments in the issue.

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