It’s time

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I’ve always wanted to write. But every time, I will stop midway and eventually lose momentum. Rinse and repeat.

I know exactly what the problem is and I always knew the answer of what to do.

The problem

For the longest time I have this obsession of perfection in everything I do, especially something that is for the public to see such as a blog. Of course it’s never perfect and I will be stuck thinking over how to improve and over time lose interest altogether. If this sounds familiar, yes – it’s called analysis paralysis and is something notorious among IT developers. Hence the mantra of “Ship it” to publish products that are in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) state and work on completing it as the userbase grows (which is also a metric somewhat to validate your prototype).

The fix

So I’ve identified the problem. But unsurprisingly, the solution is pretty obvious: There really is no other way to fix this problem other than Just Do It. Just post, who cares. Make a comment section. If somebody cares enough they will leave a comment to compliment, criticize or correct me.

Dedicate some time to write a draft. Make sure the draft doesn’t stay a draft in a week. Then publish whatever I have. Hopefully I can stay true to this method. We’ll see. :)

Oh and Hello, world!

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