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Migrating with Postgres FDW

2 minute read | May 27, 2018

In a situation where you are migrating data from one provider to another and do not want to use intermediate node, foreign data wrapper helps. Foreign data w...

Attaching to another container

2 minute read | December 02, 2017

Sometimes you have to debug a running container and you cannot modify the container (without much hassle). For example, you’re running a container that you d...

Docker for Mac logs

1 minute read | September 30, 2017

Edit Feb 2018: New docker for mac uses LinuxKit doesn’t have syslogd running by default (as of this time of writing). More info here.

Docker DO droplet with UFW

6 minute read | August 20, 2017

Recently I setup a docker host on DigitalOcean using the docker droplet and encountered a problem where outbound network connection is not possible with UFW ...